Spirits and the Final Four

Season 9, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 12/12/2004
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The alliance of Scout, Eliza, Chris and Twila appear to hold strong as they are the final four. The first Immunity Challenge, consisted of Survivor‘s first every vertical maze. Twila had the lead at first, but Chris won it. When it came time to vote someone out of the group, Eliza was completely shocked to find herself voted out. She had put her complete trust in Chris in thinking they would be the final two, but Chris‘s stronger alliance between Scout and Twila prevailed. Once the final three were in their last Immunity Challenge, Chris began to wonder if Twila had a secret alliance with Scout. At camp, Chris finds out she did not, and so after winning the second challenge, Chris brought Twila with him to the final two. Once the jury was able to give their questions and comments and vote, Jeff announces the winner live.