Who's Zooming Whom?

Season 3, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 10/18/2001
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Clarence admited to Jessie that it was Diane‘s fault that he opened the beans. Jessie stated that Clarence is shaking and worried. After a bad night sleeping the Samburu Tribe worked on their shelter. Frank began barking orders which angered Lindsey & Brandon. At the reward challenge Kim J fell causing Samburu to win. Kim J stated that her fall could get her voted out. Jessie continues to get sicker and admits how hard it‘s to drink water. At Samburu the tribe became split; of younger people (Brandon, KimP, Lindsey) and the elders (Carl, Frank, Linda, Teresa) with Silas as the key for both sides. Carl told Frank, Linda & Teresa that he knows Silas will side with them. Lex talks to Ethan about a Final 3 alligence of them & Tom and Ethan agrees. The tribes are stuck drinking cow blood for Immunity. It comes down to Kelly for Boran, and Linda for Samburu with Linda wining immunity for Samburu. At Tribal Council, Clarence recieves 2 votes while Jessie recieves 5 votes and is vo