Question of Trust

Season 3, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 10/11/2001
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16 new Survivors, 39 days, $1 million up for grabs, and a new location - the vast savannah of Kenya. Survivor: Africa is here! Split in to two tribes, Brandon, Carl, Frank, Kim Powers, Linda, Lindsay, Silas and Teresa are the Samburu tribe, while Clarence, Ethan, Diane, Jessie, Kelly, Kim Johnsson, Lex and Tom are the Boran tribe. Frank‘s bosiness got him on the wrong side of his tribemates, while Diane and Clarence caused a major bust-up in the Boran camp when they ate a can of beans while the others were away collecting water. As the Survivors made an unpleasant discovery about the state of their watering hole, and Samburu managed to light a fire with the aid of a telescope, wild animals began to surface, and Boran lost the first African Immunity Challenge (a race where they had to maneuver a large wooden cart with a large, blazing firepot on top of it, across rough terrain to a set of towers), sending them to Tribal Council, where with a 6-2 vote, Diane Ogden was voted out of Africa