The Beauty in a Merge

Season 24, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 3/28/2012
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From CBS: "Allegiances are thrown into question when one tribe member makes a bold move at tribal council."

‘Survivor‘ Recap: Life Without Colton Is Much Less Drama-Free

Life As OneOn the surface, it looks like the two disbanded tribes, Salani and Manono will stick together. But each side also discusses men vs. women behind the scenes. Tarzan clues Michael in on this plan, and it erupts later into a Tarzan/Jonas spat. Another point for Michael getting a fight started. Later though, when Jonas feels the heat of possibly going home, he apologizes to Tarzan, who cries over it. I can‘t figure Tarzan out. He seems to take things personally, and is really for the being honest thing. Does he not realize what game he‘s playing?
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