Ticking Time Bomb

Season 23, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 12/7/2011
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From CBS: "A relative crosses the line during the emotional family reunion, and an unlikely secret alliance threatens the pecking order of the Te Tuna tribe."

‘Survivor‘ Recap: Edna‘s Last Stand

After his chilly elimination, Cochran greets Ozzy at Redemption Island, and Ozzy asks Cochran to vote for him in the final. "If you had to choose between me or Coach," Ozzy begins, just assuming that Cochran will lose the duel. What if it‘s something where you need to fit through a small space, Ozzy? Advantage Cochran! "Do you think I stand a chance beating you at the duel?" Cochran asks. "You have a chance," Ozzy says, followed by, "he doesn‘t stand a chance," to the cameras. Nice editing, Survivor
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