Then There Were Five

Season 23, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 12/14/2011
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From CBS: "Tensions escalate at camp when the final five original Upolu members are forced to turn on each other. Meanwhile, on Redemption Island, Ozzy and Edna compete to stay in the game, and one becomes the sixth jury member."

‘Survivor‘ Recap: Outwit, Outplay, God‘s Will

Edna‘s gone, to Redemption Island, and Albert is still antsy. But everyone is still everything they were. Coach is still in charge, Sophie is still quietly dominating, Brandon is still a loose cannon, and Rick is still ancillary. But there they are, the final five."We‘ve been talking about it since day one," they note, congratulating each other. Everyone hugs, forgetting temporarily that it‘s time to betray one another. Coach knows that there are no more alliances, though. It seems like Rick is the next logical choice to go (or Brandon!), but Albert has been scheming some more. He talks to Sophie for a bit, then mugs for the camera,
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