Season 23, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 10/5/2011
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From CBS: "One castaway is brought to tears when confronted with his past during an emotional tribal council, and another turns on his alliance and teams up with an unlikely tribe member. Meanwhile on Redemption Island, the second castaway is sent home."

‘Survivor: South Pacific‘ How Much Does Irritation Weigh?

Remember how in the last episode of Survivor, Brandon "started behaving erratically"? I have a feeling that‘s going to blow up real soon. Coach is going to surgically remove Lil‘ Hantz from the game. Papa Bear‘s out, after making the argument that Cochran is that guy who is always hurting himself by accident. You know the type!Ozzy and Elyse lie on the hammock together, talking Robinson Crusoe, which worries Jim. Jim takes this up with Cochran--how about we eliminate Elyse instead of you, Cochran? Cochran is all for it, in spite of Jim‘s "suspiciously white" teeth.
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