Reao What You Sow

Season 23, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 9/28/2011
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From CBS: "One castaway reveals a shocking secret to their tribe while another castaway, in a last-ditch effort to keep alive in the game, devises a plan and pretends to find the hidden Immunity Idol. Meanwhile, on Redemption Island, the first castaway is sent home."

The T-Shirt Comes Off on ‘Survivor: South Pacific‘

First of all, I need to correct a mistake I made in last week‘s recap. I thought Brandon was calling Mikayla "Poverty," when actually he was referring to Survivor villain, Parvati. And it turns out that Havarti is a type of cheese, while we‘re clarifying. Anyway, I wrongly assumed it was some obscure Biblical reference that just didn‘t make sense. So, if you can forgive me and we can all move forward from that, let‘s enjoy this season! So, Christine joins Sad Sack Semhar on Redemption Island, and she blames her tribe not wanting someone "who wanted to play the game" around. Who would you rather see back in the game, Christine or Semhar? I vote for neither of them.
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