He Has Demons

Season 23, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 9/21/2011
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From CBS: "The discovery of an Immunity Idol gives one castaway an early advantage in the game, and the unraveling of a white lie leads to an explosive Tribal Council."

Alliances and Prejudice Emerge on ‘Survivor: South Pacific‘

All I‘ve been able to think about since last week‘s Tribal Council is Semhar alone on Redemption Island, not knowing how to make fire. OK, I‘ve also thought a lot about Cochran. I mean, he‘s us, you guys! I‘m so glad a superfan is finally on the show. Oh my god Semhar is still crying! She wrote/spoke a poem about her abandonment issues. So alone.Cochran has opted to become "cool, mellow Cochran," who I will call New Cochran. Savaii is hoping New Cochran can be good with puzzles and the mental game. Ozzy and Young Peter Galagher (Keith) talk about meeting up with Secret Marijuana Jim, probably to form an alliance.
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