Double Agent

Season 23, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 11/2/2011
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From CBS: "With a potential merge on the horizon, one tribe puts on an elaborate show in hopes of gaining the upper hand on their competition, and an unlikely castaway holds all the power at a game-changing Tribal Council."

‘Survivor‘ Recap: May the Odds Be Ever in Cochran‘s Favor

Let‘s talk about Cochran, He is like, a double or triple agent at this point. Because Ozzy and Savaii are trying to paint him as a semi-evil genius, which they don‘t think he actually is. But he sort of is, because he‘s very smart and intuitive and has a secret alliance with Jim? It‘s very confusing, let‘s just see how this plays out if the merge even happens! Will this go down as one of the greatest moves in Survivor history?Back at the Savaii camp, Keith is loving on Ozzy for his integrity and manhood, and skeptical of Cochran who is just a tad weasely. Cochran already pretty much hates these people, and is ready to take on the "role" of hating them in the open. I think he‘ll manage.
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