Cult Like

Season 23, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 11/30/2011
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From CBS: "At the immunity challenge, one tribemate makes a big gesture to a fellow castaway. Meanwhile, an alliance member becomes a liability around camp."

‘Survivor‘ Recap: A Fake Birthday with a Fake Family

With the rest of Savaii gone (excluding Cochran), it‘s time for the power tribe to start turning on itself. But Ozzy, Dawn, and Whitney are waiting in the wings at Redemption Island. Maybe Dawn will take Ozzy out! At the Te Tuna camp, Edna is getting a little paranoid after seeing her name at Tribal. "Doesn‘t this feel great?" Coach says, stupidly, "it finally feels like we‘re a family." But familiarity breeds contempt, and the former Upolu tribe is starting to become familiar with Cochran. Sophie is not won over by Cochran, and he is not welcome into their family/cult. It
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