Rice Wars

Season 22, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/20/2011
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From CBS: "When one alliance‘s food supply is contaminated, a heated argument at camp sparks an explosive tribal council. Meanwhile on Redemption Island, the three remaining castaways compete to stay in the game and avoid becoming the first member of the jury."

‘Survivor‘ Recap: The Epic Rice and Race War

Survivor: Redemption Island gets crazy and weird tonight as the show deals with the issue of race, albeit in the most ludicrous way possible. Phillip loses his marbles more than ever in an epic race war blown way out of proportion by a fight over rice. However, in the end, I can‘t help but love Jeff Probst, who does his best to solve the race issue at tribal council. And not just the race issue in the episode, but the race issue in the world.
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