Going Down in Flames

Season 20, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/22/2010
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The Heroes and Villains tribes merge, and J.T. is surprised to discover that Parvati is still in the game. Meanwhile, two old friends rekindle an alliance once they are reunited. At tribal council, one castaway is voted out of the game.

‘Survivor: Heroes vs Villains‘: It‘ll Get Crazier from Here On Out

I was out of town last Thursday, which explains why I wasn‘t able to write a recap for last week‘s Survivor. But I was in front of the TV when the episode went on. Sixty minutes later, I had two thoughts: "what the heck was that?" and "why am I not writing about this?" Well, better late than never.Before last week‘s shocker of an episode, I thought Sandra‘s flip was the biggest move we should expect. And indeed she did: she told Rupert the truth about the previous Tribal Council, the one that kicked Courtney out instead of Parvati. Indeed, it was a big move: it was something Sandra badly wanted to do since, maybe, the beginning of the season. "I‘m a hero, not a villain," she insisted, and finally acted like one now she had the chance.
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