The First 24 Days: A Closer Look

Season 2, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 3/22/2001
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It seemed like a sure thing that another Kucha member would go, but in a shocking twist, Ogakor‘s Jerri Manthey was voted out of the tribe! In a 6-2 vote, the Barramundis gave the 30-year-old actress from Los Angeles her walking papers. The sometimes-controversial game player had earlier insisted on partnering with Colby Donaldson for a challenge, rather than pick a name out of the hat. "When did this game start being fair?" she demanded as she opted for a blatantly unfair advantage. After she left the tribe, Jerri confessed, "You know, this is funny, because I knew this was coming after the remark I made about the game not being fair. I‘m pretty sure that‘s what set everyone off."