The Final Four

Season 2, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 8/23/2000
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It‘s day 37 in the Outback, and only four contestants remain. With Rodger gone, Elisabeth is the only member of the original Kucha tribe remaining, and is pulling out all the stops to get herself in to the final two, as she believes she will win if she makes it that far. The Reward Challenge consisted of many elements of previous challenges, and ended with Colby winning a car and a visit from his mother. The Survivors learned that, between them, they had lost 85 pounds during the last five weeks, and when Colby wins the Immunity Challenge as well, he must make a difficult decision as he contemplates voting off Keith, ""the least deserving."" As the contestants receive care packages from home, one of them is going home and, with a unanimous 3-1 vote at Tribal Council, Elisabeth Filarkski, the last remaining Kuchan, was voted out of Barramundi. Only Colby, Keith and Tina remain. Who will win?