Season 2, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 1/28/2001
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Survivor is back, and this time the 16 American contestants will be battling it out in the Australian Outback for 42 days, all vying for the grand prize of $1million. At the beginning of the show, the 16 were split in to two tribes - Kucha (consisting of Alicia, Debb, Elisabeth, Jeff, Kimmi, Michael, Nick and Rodger) and Ogakor (consisting of Amber, Colby, Tina, Kel, Jerri, Keith, Maralyn and Mitchell). In the first 3 days in the Outback, Debb began to get on the nerves of her fellow islanders with her attempts to take control, while Kimmi‘s over-eagerness drove Jeff up the wrong way, and Keith and Jerri clashed almost immediately. When Ogakor won the first Immunity Challenge, Kucha made the hike to Tribal Council where, with a 7-1 unanimous vote, Debb Eaton was voted out of the Outback. The tribe has spoken.