Let's Make a Deal

Season 2, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 4/5/2001
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After Jerri was voted out, Amber admits that she doesn‘t trust her Ogakor teammates. As the days grew longer and the temperature increased, the lethargic Barramundi Tribe quickly changed their focus from voting to surviving. With approximately one cup of rice left to feed the seven remaining Survivors, the harsh reality of where they could get their next meal set in. Elisabeth Filarski, the 23-year-old footwear designer from Newton, Massachusetts, put their situation in perspective: ""You know we are starving. We haven‘t eaten in 24 hours. We have a lot to do and no energy. Everyone is just in slow motion."" She then added, ""I think everyone here would bring back Jerri if she had rice!"" As Day 29 began, the Barramundi Tribe realized that the Herbert River was beginning to rise significantly. Tina, weary of the water, remarked, ""The river has risen considerably. We don‘t know how much longer there is going to be a beach here."" Echoing Tina‘s concern, Elisabeth also noticed, ""It might as