Ready to Bite the Apple

Season 15, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 11/29/2007
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At Tribal Council, "Frosti" has just been voted out and Jeff announces the remaining survivors will participate in a reward challenge. Peih-Gee wins the reward and picks Erik and Denise to join her for a special visit to a temple. The remaining four survivors (James, Todd, Courntey and Amanda) feel confident that they should be the final four in the game, but Amanda feels differently.On a walk to get tree mail, Amanda and Courtney discuss the option of blindsighting James, who has proven to be the strongest player in the game. After the Immunity Challenge, Amanda then approaches Todd with the plan to vote for James. Although the plan may work, Peih-Gee creates for a backup plan in case James uses his immunity idols. At Tribal Council, the idols are not used and James is voted out.