Something Cruel Is About to Happen...Real Soon

Season 14, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 2/8/2007
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19 new castaways are stranded on the islands of Fiji! Jeff begins with his usual season intro. He reminds that one person quit the game before it started filiming. That person was Melissa McNulty, a 28 year old model from Los Angeles. She suffered panic attacks. Arriving on the island, all 19 survivors get to know each other. Dre decides to call himself Dreamz. Someone thinks James (Rocky) looks like Sylvester Stallone. When a crate is dropped out of a plane, two strong guys try to open it. That doesn‘t work. Yau-Man figures out that dropping the crate on its weak spot will open it. The crate does open. They are given instructions for building a elaborate shelter. first night brings rain when the shelter has not been finished. Sylvia sees that and thinks that it needs to stop and that they need to get to work. The second day brings the completion of the shelter.The first challenge starts with the division of the 18 into two tribes, picked by Sylvia. After doing so, Ravu and Moto are born with 9 members each. Sylvia is exiled and will not join a tribe until sometime after the first tribal council. Moto pulls through to win the nice camp while Ravu earns a new campsite with the tribal council task looming. At Moto, the tribe finds new supplies. They are impressed. On Exile Island, Sylvia finds a clue telling her that a hidden idol is waiting back at her camp. At Ravu, the tribe decides on potential voting decisions. At tribal council, in a 6-1-1-1 decision, Jessica deBen, who struggled in the challenge, is voted out. NOTE: Sylvia joins the tribe sometime in the second episode.