It's a Turtle?!

Season 14, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/19/2007
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The green team returns from Tribal Council. Mookie is upset with Dremez because he just screwed the team. Earl wanted to bring in Boo as a possible alliance candidate. At the reward challenge, it was a test of the most common question answers. In the end, Cassandra won, getting every single question right. She sent Mookie to Exile Island where Mookie said that he would take Cassandra‘s alliance out one by one. Back at camp, Cassandra decides to take Boo, Dremez and Yau-Man along. They enjoy drinks, food and fireworks on the yacht. The next day, before the immunity challenge, Earl, Cassandra and Dremez talk. He tells them Mookie has the Ravu hidden immunity idol. Yau-Man joins in and says that he is nervous about the other hidden idol. At the immunity challenge, it was test of endurance. The challenge ended up only last 1 hour and 25 minutes. Yau-Man was declared the winner. Before Tribal Council, Mookie gave the idol to Alex. There was plenty of vote off deals to go around before the Bula Bula tribe arrived at its first Tribal Council together. By a 5-3-1 vote, Edgardo Rivera becomes the tenth person voted out and the fourth member of the SURVIVOR: FIJI jury.