This Has Never Happened Before!

Season 10, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 2/17/2005
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They started as a big tribe of 20 people, on one boat heading towards shore. Jeff aproached them on another boat introducing them to Palau. Also saying that the first man and first woman to make it to the beach and grab the 2 immunity necklaces save themselves. Jolanda and Ian grabbed a hold of them first. They spent the first night on Ulong Island. Alliance started to form. Especially by Coby and Angie reminding each other how the are the opposites of the game with Angie being gothic and Coby being gay.The next day, they did a Pick ‘Em for the tribes. Jolanda and Ian were captains for claiming immunity. Jolanda‘s team, Ulong, was made up of her, Angie, Ashlee, Bobby Jon, Ibrehem, James, Jeff, Kimberly, and Stephanie. Ian‘s team, Koror, was made up of him, Caryn, Coby, Gregg, Janu, Jennifer, Katie, Tom, and Willard.Wanda and Jonathan were not picked, and were sent home. Ulong was always in blue and Koror was always in brown. Koror won immunity and fire (flint), but on the way to thei