Thy Name Is Duplicity

Season 1, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 7/19/2000
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Colleen, Jenna, Gervase & Greg return to camp shocked that fellow castmate Gretchen was voted out. Jenna admits that their is some kind of alliance. Richard is angry after recieving a vote and decides to stop fishing to punish the tribe. Susan admits that she really wants Greg gone. Sean tells everyone is alphabet voting stratigy, which Susan calls dumb. At the Reward Challenge the winner would recieve a video from home. Jenna breaks down when Jeff tells her they never recieved a video tape. Greg ends up wining the reward and watches a video from home. Richard realizes that Greg is a big threat. At Immunity, Gervase wins. At Tribal Council, Jenna recieves 3 votes while Greg recieves 6 votes and is voted out and making him the 1st Jury Member.