Old And New Bonds

Season 1, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 7/26/2000
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The former Pagong members finally realize that Tagi members have an alliance. Kelly becomes close with Jenna & Colleen and tell them that their is no alliance. The girls including Susan decide that no more girls are going to be voted out. At Reward Challenge, Colleen wins and takes Jenna because she‘ll get a letter from home. As Jenna & Colleen eat bbq food they decide to stick together and form a BBQ alliance and that their first target is Richard. At Immunity, Rudy wins. Sean tells Jenna that he‘ll be voting for her because of his alphabet voting. Jenna tries to get Kelly to join them but Kelly admits she doesn‘t know who to vote out. At Tribal Council, Sean recieves 1 vote, Richard recieves 3 votes, and Jenna recieves 4 votes and is voted out making her the 2nd Jury Member.