Death Of An Alliance

Season 1, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 8/16/2000
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It‘s day 34, and the five remaining Survivors are all members of the original Tagi tribe. As mind games and manipulation accelerates, Kelly and Susan get in to a heated argument, and Richard begins to realise that everything is playing to his advantage. The final Reward Challenge sees the Survivors make their way in to the mud volcano, and Kelly is the final winner, and receives a trip to a bar with Jeff Probst and the chance to see the first five minutes of the first episode of ""Survivor."" At the bar, Kelly admitted, ""The game‘s finally gotten weird."" As Sean finally realised that money was at stake, the contestants took part in the Immunity Challenge, which dealt with island superstition and folklore, and ended with Kelly winning (again). When it comes to Tribal Council, Sean Kenniff, the Neurologist and only member of Tagi not in the Alliance, was voted off of the island, sending Richard, Kelly, Susan and Rudy in to the final four. Who will win?