High Noon

Season 2, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 8/23/2012
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From USA: Harvey needs Mike’s help as the battle for control of Pearson Hardman reaches its climax. But Mike drops off the grid following a dramatic turn in his personal life.

‘Suits‘ Summer Finale: Hardman Abuses Power, Moral Mike Spirals Downward

Everything is going wrong for our heroes. And then, by the end, things are fine. After a close voting call, Hardman eclipses Jessica as Managing Partner. Jessica and Harvey have lost to Hardman as Louis has switched sides. Meanwhile, Mike is simply a mess, dealing with the loss of his grandmother in predictably unstable ways including but not limited to: weed, sexy times and antagonizing other kids at the playground.As much as I enjoy this show and its characters, I wish they would have stayed miserable. Now hold up! Let met explain. What happened in this episode wrapped up storylines too neatly and left very little anticipation for returning episodes in January. This summer finale, for me, dully wrapped an otherwise very promising sophomore season.
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