Season 2, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 7/12/2012
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From USA: Travis Tanner rolls back into town, gunning for Harvey. His shenanigans force both Harvey and Jessica to hide the ball from Daniel Hardman. Louis and Mike finally see eye to eye, but will Louis’ paranoia cause him to damage not just his budding friendship with Mike, but his standing at the firm.

‘Suits‘ Recap: Buried Deep

Poor Louis; the sad sack who will always be his own worst enemy. Louis, on the outside looking in on an interoffice war, tries to gain an ally/support/recognition/something from Hardman. But Louis is trying too hard as always; so Hardman requests Mike Ross for assistance when Louis makes up that Mike is working on something with him. So now, he must try and collect Mike to help with his case.After Harvey‘s pride is hurt over Mike mocks his record collection (which looks sick), Harvey hands over Mike to Louis based on a bet, but not before Mike conveniently expositions all the necessary details for a case Harvey did four years ago. It must be convenient for the writers to have a character who can give the information to a complex plot in a few lines.
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