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Fall 2013 Premiere Dates
Top 13 Returning Shows
Ranking the New Fall Shows
25 Sexiest Men
25 Sexiest Women
Hit Watch: What Will Be the Breakout Show?
Death Watch: What Will Be Canceled First?
Best New "It" Couples of Fall
TV's Biggest Slackers
'Buffy' Cast: Where are They Now?
TV's 30 Most Popular Hangouts
TV's 14 Biggest Breakdowns
Most Anticipated Movies of Fall
15 Evil Characters on TV
Olivia Pope's 9 Tips for Staying Out of Trouble
11 Biggest Cheaters on TV
Ranking the Best and Worst of TGIF
The 90s: Top 25 Saturday Morning Cartoons
Our 9 Favorite Lab Geeks
New Fall 2013 TV Shows
Finale Flashback
'SOA' Season 5: Memorable, Brutal and Tragic Moments
10 Best 'NCIS' Episodes Last Season
'Bones': 12 Most Romantic Moments from Season 8
25 Best Songs from 'Glee' Season 4
50 Best Moments from 'Supernatural' Season 8
Best Quotes from 'Castle' Season 5
7 'Vampire Diaires' Cliffhangers from Season 4
Shocking Moments from the 'Arrow' Finale
Heartbreaking Moments from the 'Nashville' Finale
'Once Upon A Time': Why Does Pan Want Henry?
5 Burning Questions for 'Revenge'
'Revolution': Is Rachel a Bad Person?
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Best of the Summer
TV's Sexiest Men of Summer
TV's Sexiest Women of Summer
11 Shocking 'Bachelorette' Moments from Season 9
'Teen Wolf': 8 Reasons Derek Needs a Vacation [GIFs]
'Pretty Little Liars' Mysteries: 32 Questions That Have Nothing to Do with "A"
The Many Silly Costumes of 'Big Brother'
'True Blood' Finale: 20 Shocking Moments
The 'Under the Dome' Cast in Other Roles