Audition #6

Season 6, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 10/1/2009
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Dancers from across the country audition in hopes of impressing the judges.

So You Think You Can Dance: The Best and the Worst of Salt Lake City

Our final stop before Sin City is America‘s other great den of sin,Salt Lake City, Utah. Okay, so maybe not a den of sin exactly, or atall. But, what it lacked for in sinfulness, Salt Lake City made up for in greatdancers. Of course, we didn‘t get to see enough of them, because forsome reason So You Think You Can Dance decided to focus on stories--and not even sob ones--instead of talent. Tonight‘s auditions featured vignettes on three dancers who would noway, no how ever make it to Las Vegas: Tristi Micci, Satine La Rouge,and Pascal Nayigiziki. One of these dancers had a
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