Audition #2

Season 6, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 9/1/2009
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Auditions continues in Phoenix, Arizona. Dancers try to impress the judges and earn a ticket for Las Vegas Callbacks. The guest judge joining the panel this week is Mia Michaels.

So You Think You Can Dance: A Phoenix Rising

For the second audition of season 6, So You Think You Can Dance made its first stop in Phoenix, Arizona. For their introduction to So You Think You Can Dance, Phoenix brought plenty of talent and strangeness to the stage. While there were plenty of just good old beautiful dancers -- the real story of Phoenix, were the metaphorical phoenix‘s of the auditions: Allison Becker and ballroom boys William DeVries and Jacob Jason.In mythology, a phoenix isn‘t a city in Arizona, but rather a beautifully plumed bird that at the end of its life burns fiercely only to arise anew from its own ashes. In today‘s society, the phoenix has come to signify someone who rises above difficulties and challenges, to transform into something beautiful and powerful. It‘s about creating hope and life from places and events that are insurmountable and inhospitable. It is a cultural symbol for triumph against all odds.
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