2 of 6 Voted Off

Season 4, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 7/31/2008
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Just six contestants remained, but that number on Thursday would be trimmed to the final four dancers still in the running for the title of America‘s favorite dancer on "So You Think You Can Dance?"Guest judge Adam Shankman announced that in addition to the $100,000 cash prize and the spot in a Las Vegas show, the winning dancer will also get a featured role in an upcoming movie he‘s producing. No details. That‘s just the prize. So, you know, yay!After the first commercial break, judge Nigel Lythgoe went all "Debbie Downer" on the dancers, telling them that they‘ll have to prepare themselves for rejection. In a minute-long speech, he said the word rejection -- or some form of it -- seven times, telling them dancers that by the end of the show, five of them will have been rejected. He said they should not dwell on it, but use it to propel themselves toward other opportunities. He then told them that each of them pulled in more than 1 million votes after Wednesday‘s performance show.Mary got emotional while telling them how proud she is of the progress they‘ve made, and Adam told them to cherish the experience they‘ve had on the show and to treat their fans well. All six dancers then performed their solos, and it would be the last time around the stage for two of them.