2 of 12 Voted Off

Season 2, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 7/13/2006
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The remaining 12 dancers performed an opening number choreographed by Doriona Sanchez and set to "Born to be Alive." Next, we saw backstage and recap footage from last week and then Nigel revealed a change in rules.Partners will now be randomly chosen (in the same style as last season) instead of partners staying together until one is voted off. Dancers will now do 3 dances - 2 with their partner and 1 solo. America will now vote for soloists instead of partners. Judges will be taken out of the equation, with elimination relying only on America‘s votes.Next, Cat revealed which couples were put up for elimination.The first group of couples was: Benji and Donyelle who were safe, and Dmitry and Ashlee who were not safe.The second group brought forward was: Travis and Martha who were not safe, and Ryan and Heidi who were safe.The third group brought forward was: Ivan and Allison who were safe, and Musa and Natalie who were not safe.Each dancer in the eliminated couples performed a solo of their choice for the judges.While the judges took a break to decide which contestants should go home, the Pussycat Dolls performed.When the judges returned, they announced who they decided to send home.