Top 16 Perform/2 Eliminated

Season 10, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 7/23/2013
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‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ Recap: The Top 16 Dance and 2 Go Home

It is time once again to catch the So You Think You Can Dance hot tamale train for a night of suspense and, oh yes, dancing. Since we were without our dancing fix for a bit, let‘s recap the eliminations so far. After some tinkering with the format, the first dancers cut were Brittany Cherry and Carlos Garland. After fan reaction to the dancers having to dance their partnered routines after being cut was, shall we say, a wee bit negative, the elimination process was changed again. After the bottom six dancers were announced at the top of the show, the plan was to save one male and one female dancer. Since Jade Zuberi had to withdraw from the competition with a torn meniscus, the bottom two guys, Curtis Holland and BluPrint, were automatically saved.
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