Show 11

Season 1, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 9/27/2005
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At the beginning of the episode, 2 dancers from last week are cut. At that point, the competition continues in the same format as last week, only they don’t show the actual “picking” process, and the dancers pair up differently each time allowing them all to dance together once. This week, Brian, Mia, Nigel, Mary and Dan are all judging, however if a judge choreographed the performance, he/she sits out of judging that round. Also, this week each dancer will dance as an individual as part of the performance. The 4 dancers compete in the following order: Melody and Nick (Paso Doble), Ashle and Jamile (Salsa), Melody solo (Lyrical), Nick and Jamile (Hip Hop), Ashle solo (Lyrical), Jamile solo (Hip Hop/Pop Lock), Ashle and Melody (Lyrical), Nick solo (Lyrical), Melody and Jamile (Jazz), and Ashle and Nick (Hip Hop). In round 2 there is a twist. No couples are put up for elimination. All 4 dancers dance as individuals to a song they’ve never heard before in a randomly drawn order.