The Fringe

Season 2, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 3/12/2013
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Ivy makes one last effort to save her and Terry‘s show.

‘Smash‘ Recap: Everyone Quits

I swear to you all, I am really, really trying. I honestly DO like Smash, and I even went into Thursday‘s episode, "Fringe," telling myself I was just going to take things for what they were and not be overly critical. But I feel like I‘m suddenly a member of the cast, since everyone else ON THE SHOW is trying to remember what they liked about it in the first place as well.Someone needs to remind show runner Joshua Safran that this isn‘t the CW and we‘re not all 16-year-old girls. I don‘t know if I‘m even allowed to phrase things this way, but EVERYONE is acting like jerks. They‘re ALL a bunch of jerks!
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