The Dramaturg

Season 2, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 2/19/2013
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Ivy receives help from an old pal.

‘Smash‘ Recap: The Dramaturd

I‘ve been a big supporter of Smash since the beginning, but after watching "The Dramaturg," I‘m afraid we might never get to see "Bombshell" make it to Broadway. The dismal ratings of the two-hour premiere certainly won‘t be helped by this episode, which had me shaking my head and wondering exactly what the show was missing. And it took until the last 10 minutes for me to realize exactly what it was: A story.Sure, the first season had its flaws, but the storyline still revolved around people we cared about. And there was actual conflict. Overdramatic plot twists aside, it was enthralling to watch the goings on of getting a show to Broadway, including the jockeying for roles, the sleezeball director who was brilliant at his craft and the search for financing to make it all possible. The criticism was that people were turned off by the side plots (thus the stripping away of significant others and outside distractions) and sick of Marilyn Monroe (thus the introduction of "The Hit List"). But in simplifying the plot, we totally lost the story.
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