Season 9, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 5/14/2010
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When Zod and the Kandorians launch their brutal attack on Earth, Chloe calls in some old friends to join the fight against the aliens. Clark and Zod face off in an epic battle for the control of Earth.

‘Smallville‘ Recap: Whose ‘Salvation‘ Is It Anyway?

Cue Allison Mack‘s voice: And now, our recap of the season finale of Smallville. On "Salvation," everything converged into this one-hour episode and wrapped up Zod‘s storyline. See More Clips of the Smallville Season 9 FinaleWe begin with an image of flight: a helicopter is our welcome wagon tothe sight of reds and blues blurring over the Daily Planet globe. But our screams of glee have been cut short though, since this is only a dream (or a vision?) of Clark‘s after all.
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