Season 9, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 1/29/2010
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Oliver‘s past comes back to haunt him in the form of The Dark Archer, Oliver‘s former teacher, who seeks revenge on his student by taking aim at Lois and Chloe. Oliver faces down The Dark Archer after his former mentor kidnaps Mia AKA "Speedy" but is pushed to his limit and Clark races to stop him from making another deadly mistake.

‘Smallville‘ Fan Columnist: Are Clark and Chloe on a Collision Course?

"One thing I can‘t believe. I can‘t believe [Clark] and Chloe aren‘t friends anymore."Thus spake Lois and I wholeheartedly agree--for although this particular comment referenced an alternate universe, the Clark and Chloe I once knew no longer exist within any universe. While glints of the camaraderie, unity and trust once shared by the best buds occasionally shine through the clouds, the forecast remains gloomy. And I am not the only one lamenting the lack of sun. You too are commenting on the divide...
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