Season 8, Episode 338

Season 8, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 10/9/2008
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Tess and her team perform tests on the crystal she retrieved from the Arctic, causing it to send a beam of light into the universe; the beam of light triggers the arrival of Maxima, a queen from another planet looking for her soul mate.

Smallville: Episode 8.4 "Instinct" Recap (Page 1/3)

If you‘re hoping to see more of Oliver or Davis on tonight‘s Smallville, think again, because, much like on Project Runway, one day you‘re in, and the next day, you‘re out. I‘m beginning to think the writers just flip coins for each of the series regulars, and whoever‘s lands on heads gets to be in that episode.The other reason could be that “Instinct” is all about Clark‘s raw sexual magnetism, and the only way Smallville can achieve that illusion is by doing away with Justin Hartley and Sam Witwer. Sorry Tom Welling fans, but the Man of Steel is no longer the show‘s top hunk.
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