Season 8, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 9/18/2008
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Green Arrow calls upon fellow heroes Black Canary and Aquaman to locate the missing Clark Kent, last seen in the Arctic. , The Martian Manhunter also joins in to help out.

Smallville: Season 8 Premiere "Odyssey" Recap

Previously on Smallville: Jimmy proposed to Chloe, but before she could answer, the Department of Domestic Security busted in and arrested her. Lana ran away so Clark could focus on saving the world instead of her. Lex finally discovered the truth about Clark and decided to end it all by bringing the Fortress of Solitude down around them.Season 8 of Smallville picks up four weeks later. Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman), the new CEO of LutherCorp, is leading an expedition in the Arctic tundra to rescue Lex. Doubting her power, Lex‘s bodyguard Regan asks, “You‘re nothing but an obscure regional VP, do you really think you‘re qualified?” I dare anyone not to instantly think of Sarah Palin.
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