Season 6, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 3/22/2007
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Affected by Lana’s wedding, Clark begins using any means necessary to bring more and more wanted criminals to jail. Thanks to a tip from Oliver, he finds out an underground fighting ring where an escaped Phantom Zone warrior is taking on krypto-warriors. Something happens to Lana’s pregnancy.

Smallville - 6.17 - Combat - Recap

Face it, it’s all sweet and all to watch Clark pine away for Lana, but in the end don’t you really just want to see Clark kick some ever loving bad guy behind on Smallville?  Maybe it is because I am a guy, who knows, but when I watch Smallville I’m waiting for the moments where he whips out the heat vision, or tramples some hapless baddie with some of that Kryptonian kung-fu.  Smallville ‘Combat’ is the pay-off for all of you fans like me, who just want a little action.  Or in this case, a LOT of action.
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