Season 10, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 4/15/2011
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From the CW: "Clark is shocked to find a mirror box in the barn. Clark Luthor surprises him and sends Clark Kent back to the alternate reality where Clark runs into a very angry Jonathan Kent. Meanwhile, back in our reality, Clark Luthor visits Tess and tells if she doesn‘t side with him he‘ll kill her. Lois asks Emil to help her bring Clark back."

‘Smallville‘ Fan Columnist: Second Chances

Luthor and Kent family values have come head-to-head severaltimes over the past 10 years on Smallville, but which will win out when all is said and done? Just when you think you‘ve picked aside, the other has a way of creeping up on you.The latest episode, "Kent," marks the return of JonathanKent and the infamous Clark Luthor. While it may be the same Clark Luthor we‘ve seen before, Clark is faced with a very different Jonathan, and must channel the real Jonathan to save the day.
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