Season 10, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 11/5/2010
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From the CW: "The General and Lucy Lane decide to drop in on Lois and Clark for a surprise Thanksgiving dinner. Clark and the General get off to a rocky start after Lois’ father bashes the superheroes and tells Clark he is trying to pass a vigilante registration law. Meanwhile, in an effort to stop the vigilante registration act from being passed, Rick Flagg lies to Lucy in order to lure Clark away from the farm long enough for him to assassinate the General."

‘Smallville‘ Fan Columnist: All‘s Fair in Love and War

Meeting the in-laws can make or break a relationship.  Lucky for Clark, he‘s already met the Lane clan.  But having General Sam Lane show up just as he‘s about have sex with his daughter does not make Clark look like the world‘s best boyfriend.The latest episode, "Ambush", has Clark taking on the General, who has brought more trouble with him than just Lois‘ kid sister, Lucy.
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