Season 1, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 1/29/2002
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Lex is being stalked by an invisible entity that threatens him and almost kills a bathing Victoria. Suspicion falls on Amy, the daughter of one of the household staff. She is dangerously obsessed with Lex, to the point of having a shrine of him in her room. Lex finds out and insists that the family move out. It turns out that the villain is Amy‘s non-entity of a brother, who has distilled an invisibility potion from krptyonite-mutated roses. He attacks Lex when the family is turned out, but Clark intervenes and manages to knock him out. Meanwhile, Victoria and Lex are putting together a plan to bring down Lex‘s father, but Victoria seems to have a scheme on the side that involves a bio-tech firm, Cadmus Laboratories. And Whitney is growing distant from Lana due to the poor health of his father, which drives Lana over to Clark. Copyright 2002 Steve Crow