Oliver Queen

Played by Justin Hartley

Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) is a mysterious vigilante in the television series "Smallville". He lives in Metropolis as a billionaire by day and masquerades as the Green Arrow at night. Oliver and Clark Kent (Tom Welling) have a strong friendship and keep each others identities secret from the outside world. Although they do not necessarily share each others views on justice, Oliver has a lot of respect for Clark. Oliver and Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) were childhood friends but later turned into rivalries. At school, Oliver was the aggressor and often bullied Lex resulting in the latter having built up a lifelong grudge against Oliver.

Lois Lane (Erica Durance) met Oliver when he stopped by the Kent Farm shortly after his arrival in Metropolis. Although she did not like the rich-boy type, she fell for him and they had an on-again-off-again relationship until Lois became involved with Clark. Lois discovered that Oliver was a vigilante and named him the Green Arrow.

Character Overview

Oliver did not like to live by a set of rules and unlike Clark, was blindsided in his willingness to commit crimes to achieve his ultimate goals for good. He often experienced periods of self-doubt and wavered in his belief that he could change the world as the Green Arrow. Although he did not have any superhuman abilities, he made his mark by being a skilled archer, having been trained by a member of a Celtic cult of assassins. He used a variety of arrows including the Kryptonite dart, knockout gas dart and the grappling arrow.

Character Development

Oliver discovered that Lex was responsible for the Dark Thursday disaster, a worldwide blackout caused by Brainiac's (James Marsters) computer virus that resulted in civil unrest and massive riots all over the world, and had him kidnapped. Clark saved Lex, which spiked Oliver's interest in him. When Oliver stole a diamond necklace from Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) as the Green Arrow, Lois became obsessed in finding out who the masked thief was. After having destroyed one of Lex's 33.1 secret facilities, where meteor-infected individuals were experimented on against their will, Oliver left Metropolis.

Oliver returned to Metropolis to assemble a group of people with super-hero abilities and used them to investigate Clark's disappearance. They eventually tracked him down to a LuthorCorp facility in Russia. Oliver learned that Lex's father, Lionel Luthor (John Glover) was responsible for the death of his parents and his hatred towards the Luthor family intensified.

Oliver soon became despondent and questioned his purpose in life which caused him to give up his Green Arrow persona and become an alcoholic. A push from his friends resulted in a change of heart and once again Oliver joined the fight.

Oliver's Best Quotes

"This isn't the end of the story, Clark. It's just the beginning. Come on, boys! Let's go save the world!"

"You know, there's moving on in theory and then there's the moment that it actually happens. If you like, we can start now, and I'll just be a really good friend."