Chloe Sullivan

Played by Allison Mack

Chloe Anne Sullivan (Allison Mack) is Clark Kent's (Tom Welling) closest friend and superhero sidekick on "Smallville". Once a reporter for The Daily Planet, Chloe went on to manage the Isis Foundation before recently joining Oliver Queen's (Justin Hartley) hero team. She started life in the series at Smallville High, where she spent 4 years before moving to Metropolis after graduating. It was then she began working as an intern at the Daily Planet while studying for a journalism major at Metropolis University. She was fired from the paper by the new owner, Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum).

It was at this point that Chloe became manager of the Isis Foundation, and also dealt with being infected by the villain, Brainiac's (James Marsters) programming. He tried to re-wire her nervous system, but this meant she also acquired his computer skills and knowledge of the Universe. For a short time, Brainiac controlled Chloe completely, until Clark and the Legion defeated him. Due to the skills she acquired from Brainiac, Chloe became a member of Oliver Queen's team of Superheroes, as mission coordinator under the name 'Watchtower'.

Chloe became great friends with Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk), despite them both having feelings for Clark, and initially being rivals for his attention. Since 2002, when they were both high school interns at the Daily Planet, Chloe had an on-off relationship with Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore), seeming to have grown out of her crush on Clark. She is one of a select few to know Clark's secret, and Clark sees her as one of his closest allies, often seeking her advice on his personal problems and issues.

Jimmy Olsen and Chloe's relationship finally came to a head in Season 8 when Jimmy proposed. However, this was at the time when Chloe was infected with Brainiac. He removed all her memories so she couldn't remember who Jimmy was, but eventually she recovered with Clark's help, and married Jimmy. Their happiness, however, was to be shortlived as Davis Bloome (Sam Witwer), a paramedic who had feelings for Chloe, interrupted the wedding reception while transformed as Doomsday (Dario Delacio), killing several people and badly injuring Jimmy. While in hospital Jimmy saw Davis killing a man in an elevator, but when Chloe didn't believe him, their relationship went downhill fast, and he admitted their marriage was a terrible mistake. Chloe was left heartbroken.

Chloe then became a fugitive with Davis trying to stop him from killing Clark. When Jimmy discovered Clark's secret and understood why Chloe had been with Davis, Jimmy and Chloe reconciled. However, their discussion was overheard by Davis, who then tried to kill them both. After Jimmy saved Chloe, he then killed Davis but was mortally wounded himself and in a moving scene, died in Chloe's arms.

Here's some memorable quotes from our hero Chloe Sullivan.

Clark Kent: Did you just write your phone number down on Sean Kelvin's hand?

Chloe: Don't sound so shocked Clark. Guys do find me attractive, even though I don't have raven hair and the initials 'L.L.'

?Chloe (to Clark): So, because of some psychopath, you're gonna cut the rest of us out of your life? Clark, human emotions is what made you the hero that you are today.