'The Bachelorette' Week 6 Photos: Love in the Streets of Venice

From ABC: Andi pulls her first surprise on the streets of Venice, starting her first one-on-one date immediately - with Nick. The shocked suitor needs to convince Andi that he is not the arrogant man that the other bachelors say he is. The date is the very essence of romance with the couple strolling the fabled city hand in hand, taking a gondola ride along the waterways, touring Venice's historic sites, including St. Mark's Square and the Bridge of Sighs. But does their undeniable chemistry mean their relationship is back on track? That night, Andi, dressed in a stunning full-length gown and wearing an elegant mask, meets Nick outside the Palace Ca Zenobio, a palace where royalty would hold grand masquerade balls. But the beautiful surroundings don't stop Andi from addressing her date's unattractive attitude and behavior on group dates and his cocky reputation in the house. Will Andi still surprise Nick with a private masquerade ball or will what he says change her mind. The Bachelorette airs Monday June 23.
By Lindsay Podolak on Wednesday, June 18, 2014
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