'Parenthood': Why You Should be Watching

Parenthood has struggled since day one. Maybe viewers are turned off by the title, which is actually a bit misleading; a better title would be Family Ties but that’s already been used -- with great success. But unlike the hit movie with the same title (and subsequent short-lived TV show), it’s about family, extended family and all the highs and lows involved at any socio-economic level regardless of race, ethnicity or geographic location, and it explores so much more than parenting.

Life pretty much sucks half the time and the moments of levity are all that give us the strength to buck up for the next round of devastation. We all know it’s coming, whether we decide to cower in the corner with our medication of choice or rant and rave against the waves of tears and tragedy we all must endure. Parenthood lets us spy on someone else's lives and the voyeurism can be as therapeutic as it is entertaining.
By Cassie Damewood on Tuesday, December 04, 2012
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