When 'Fringe' Gets Emotional: Our Favorite Heartfelt Moments

After tonight, Fringe will be over. A huge hole in quality science fiction programming for primetime network shows will open up. We will miss its quirkiness, its wit, its trippiness, its ability to astound and transform us in equal measure. However, one thing we don’t usually associate with the show is public displays of affection – if you want to see a big smushy love fest, you might want to turn on... well, something else. However, Fringe does let its guard down sometimes and when it does, things get emotional. Here are our favorite tender moments where Fringe had heart in equal measure to brains.

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By Jana Siciliano  on Friday, January 18, 2013
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Talk About When 'Fringe' Gets Emotional: Our Favorite Heartfelt Moments