You Never Know

Season 3, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 3/9/2003
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Matthew Clark Hazen1962-2003Martin Jacobs1978-2003Andrew Wayne Milne1952-2003Daniel Grant Showalter1978-2003 While on the phone with a telemarketer, a man begins hearing gun fire over the line. Daniel, a somewhat perturbed ex-employee, has come into his previous place of employment to show his dissatisfaction via shotgun.Lisa & Nate are having a few problems finding times to be alone. Lisa is still having to deal with all of her employer‘s issues that seem to pop up at all inappropriate times.Ruth‘s sister Sarah gives her a call feigning interest in seeing her, however, she is in the throws of detox, and Ruth gets bamboozled into picking up some vicadin for her. Ruth arrives at her sister‘s house in Topanga, but Sarah‘s friend Bettina lets her in on the situation at hand.Claire and her new beau Phil seem to be getting hot and heavy, or are they? Claire finds a friend in a fellow art class student, Russell. She is able to open up to him and tell him how much she is into Phil. Howe