Timing and Space

Season 3, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 4/13/2003
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Bernard Asa Chenowith1939-2003 Brenda, her mother, and her brother, all sit around her father‘s hospital bed completely silent.Lisa is going to a cooking convention and leaving Nate alone with Maya. She worries a bit, but eventually goes. Later, while Nate is reading the paper, he discovers that Brenda‘s father has died and the funeral is today. He calls up Lisa, like a good little husband, and asks if she minds if he goes to the funeral. Lisa says she completely understands and it‘s cool if he goes. He has a problem finding someone to watch Maya. Federico says his wife, Vanessa probably wouldn‘t mind watching her. Nate takes Maya over to their house, but doesn‘t feel very comfortable leaving Maya with Vanessa. Nate tells Federico this, but he seems to shake it off. Nate ends up taking Maya with him to the funeral.Arthur shows Ruth some of his computer music work and she total loves it. She fawns all over him telling him how talented he is. Arthur decides to take a run, and Ruth w